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The World's First Battery-less Electric Toothbrush Shocked The World!

Nov 20, 2017

Electric toothbrushes are familiar to everyone, due to the high efficiency of cleaning, the effect is more and more people are accepted, but after all, is the power of things, or have time to charge an electricity. So why is this possible: a toothbrush without a battery, but the head can vibrate like an electric toothbrush?

Recently, a paragraph known as "the world's first battery-free electric toothbrush" landed a well-known foreign crowdfunding site, successfully attracted global attention, it is exactly how to do it?

Toothbrush, no battery, can vibrate

Toothbrush design was originally designed to solve the problem of battery pollution

Built-in kinetic energy storage enhancement system, just a simple 2-turn toothbrush at the bottom (winding), you can continue to work for two minutes. Rotating vibration, 40,000 times per minute bristles vibration frequency. The bristle material type contains activated carbon, can remove the smell

With a special cover, easy to carry after covered, it does not take place to take it out

As for price, crowdfunding early birds price 49 US dollars (about 324 yuan)