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The Difference Between Aromatherapy Machine And Humidifier

Jun 27, 2018

Nowadays, most of the time people are indoors, air conditioning room, indoor waste bacteria increased, the humidity is reduced, to improve the indoor environment of the home appliances in growing Numbers are beginning to pop,such as humidifier and aromatherapy, but the humidifier and aromatherapy machine are often been confused.

1.About function

Aroma diffuser: it can add pure plant essential oil and pure water, It not only increases air humidity, but also gives off aromatherapy molecules. 

Humidifier: The main function of humidifier is humidifying, only water can be added.

2.About material

Aroma diffuser: it use PP material. It can resistant to oil, water and chemical corrosion.

Humidifier: it use ABS or AS material, Long-term use will result in corrosion of the water tank.

3.About mist amount

Aroma diffuser: it ensure the fine and even fragrant fog particles stay in the air for a long time.

Humidifier: The resulting particles are large and heavy, with dense fog, and water mist particles stay in the air for a short time and are not far away from flowing.

4.About Cleaning method

Aroma diffuser: The water tank of the aromatherapy machine is treated with special treatment technology.It's quite convenient to use and clean.

Humidifier: Ordinary humidifier because of the general material, the use of easy to produce dirt, cleaning fluid is difficult to clean.

From the above knowable Aromatherapy machines are more practical than humidifiers.

Most important,The power of the aromatherapy machine is smaller, which can save electricity. And it is smaller and portable.


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