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Razor With A Long Time Is Not Sharp? Do Not Rush To Throw Away! A Method, The Same Moment With The New

Nov 20, 2017

For men, shaving is a common occurrence. It usually grows after 23 days of scraping, and some even come back long after every other day. Therefore, the use of razor frequency is very high, loss is also large. For blush razors do not rush to lose Oh, share a razor sharp recovery method, make it back to the same.

First, apply essential oil After running out of the razor, remember to rinse it with water, then take a cotton swab dipped in the wind cream, gently razor coated with a layer, and then gently with a hair dryer Blow dry, remember not to leave the water on it. This not only resists oxidation but also prevents the growth of bacteria while preventing the blade from blunting.

Second, the use of jeans, jeans itself has some friction, the shaver is not sharp enough, but we now have to use immediately, then try to draw in one direction above the jeans to draw a few, and then remember the other side also agreed to draw A few times, then you will find a blunt blade and regain a lot of sharp, but this ancestral coup is now passed to you, regardless of the tube? You try to know it!

Third, the magical effect of toothpaste, electric razor mask coated with a layer of toothpaste, evenly covered in the net cover can be. After coating and then start the razor, let it idle for two or three minutes, then rinse the toothpaste clean, at regular intervals with this method of maintenance blade, razor will be as sharp as the newly bought.