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Makeup Mirror Purchase Knowledge

Nov 20, 2017

First, the reflective effect: in the light of the place to take a look, good reflective can be.

Second, look at the back: You can look at the back of the mirror, there are silver and red, red is better, over time will not fall!

Third, take a look at whether the deformation of the mirror to go look, check the mirror at the back of the mercury at the liner and backplane, no backplane unqualified, no paper does not work, otherwise it will wear off the mercury.

Fourth, look at the appearance: From the front, side, the negative multi-angle to observe the mirror, the general look at the mirror when they will only pay attention to their direct mirror in the mirror, and did not pay special attention to the mirror in the distant line objects, you can Move slightly under the line of sight, if there is no straight line bending deformation, this is a good quality mirror.