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In Addition To Blowing Hair, Hair Dryer There Are These Magical Features You Know?

Nov 20, 2017

Your hair dryer is only used to blow hair? That's a pity! You absolutely can not think of the original use of hair dryer so much!

[Clean oil] Kitchen walls always have a lot of oil can not afford to go, may wish to use hair dryer, ultra-portable, immediate effect! Finish the range hoods and walls, can be as bright as new, particularly effective!

[Easily tear off the label] Many bowls of chopsticks and chopsticks, bottles and cans Just bought when with a label, a lot of tables and chopsticks still inside labels, do not tear down can not use. Tear-off, however, is not a particularly easy thing to do, and it can be torn off by accident. Hair dryer at this time can also help a lot of help! Use a hair dryer to heat the label, let the label melt, the label can be completely torn off completely, leaving no trace!

[Dust] Computer keyboard if dirty, you can also turn off the power, blowing along the gap, but remember to use the cold.

[Qiao paste double-sided adhesive hook] hair dryer will be linked double-sided adhesive hook the wall blowing heat, until the degree of hot head, and then quickly double-sided adhesive hook affixed to the wall. This trick stick double-sided adhesive hook, you can weigh about 2500 grams of heavy objects, but will not fall off the wall.

[Remove a variety of crayon stains] painted on the wall of various painting can not afford to paint, try hair dryer, you have unexpected results.