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How To Use The Hair Dryer To Reduce Hair Damage?

Nov 20, 2017

1. Use dry towel to dry your hair

After shampooing, first with a dry towel, do not rub the way, but by pressing the water on the hair sucked clean, non-dripping as the standard. Use the hair dryer again Because too much moisture will make the hair dryer work too long, the hair will continue to be subject to high temperatures naturally easy to dry.

2. Do not blow dry

After shampooing, do not completely dry the hair, the hair should be blown to eight minutes, then let it dry naturally. Blowing too dry can easily damage your hair.

3 hair dryer and scalp to maintain a certain distance

Hair dryer hair should be kept from about 30 cm away, so that it does not touch the hair, too close to lead to thermal hair damage, it is best not to blow hair around the outlet to avoid scalding or inhalation of excessive electromagnetic waves.

4. Mobile hair blowing

Heat concentrated in a site for too long can easily lead to hair damage. When using the hair dryer from the top of the head, one hand to get the hair off, one hand to move the hair dryer.

5. First hair roots, then blow hair tail

First part of the scalp hair dry, do not blow the hair, hair root penetration will let you do junk, hair roots first blow, then blow hair, or let the hair dry naturally, the hair dryer To minimize the damage.

6. Finger massage scalp

With 10 finger pulp is comb, since before combing hair, massage the head, the intensity should not be too large, two or three times a day, every 5 minutes, you can clear the head meridian, regulating blood, dry hair, off Have some help.