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How To Use Electric Toothbrush?

Jun 27, 2018

Many people say electric toothbrushes are a great tool for lazy off, but your need clean your mouth thoroughly. Whether electric toothbrushes are good or not has a lot to do with whether the user them correctly.Many first-time users don't know how to use an electric toothbrush properly. The way use of electric toothbrush are following:

1. Correct installation of brush head: when installing brush head, make sure the brush head is firmly set into the toothbrush shaft to avoid loose brush head handle.

2. Before using an electric toothbrush, pay attention to use warm water to immerse the brush head, used to adjust the brush softness, such as direct use cool water brush, brush hard and can't adjust the vibration frequency, so the status of the suffered from bleeding gums.If your teeth are sensitive, use soft bristles.

3.The toothpaste ran into the bristles.In the process of squeezing the toothpaste, in order to avoid the toothpaste flying everywhere, it is best to aim the toothpaste vertically at the middle slot of the brush hair and squeeze in the appropriate amount of toothpaste.

4.While there is no need to think too much about brushing techniques with electric toothbrushes, there is also a concern about how to effectively brush your teeth to make them cleaner.When brushing your teeth, put the brush head close to the thinnest incisors and pull it back and forth.After being toothpaste foam, open the power switch, moderate after brush head vibration, starting from the incisor teeth move back and forth and back tooth brush, brush 30 seconds each interval, two minutes to clean all the teeth.

5.If you buy an electric toothbrush with a tongue scraper,just use it.After brushing teeth, the tongue coating on the tongue can be completely cleaned by using the tongue scraping edge on the back of the brush head to make the mouth healthier and cleaner.

6.Electric toothbrush cleaning to a lot of convenient cleaning health than conventional manual toothbrush, brush teeth, brush will head into the water, open the power switch, gently shake a few times, then tap brush head, can will remain in clear out the foreign body on the brush and toothpaste.