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How To Buy Hair Straightener?

Jun 27, 2018

Choose and buy straight hair implement, whether your psychology is Shouting: bigger is better, wider is better, more expensive is more convenient. But the straightener isn't the bigger the better, nor the wider the better.

About material.Choose the latest ceramic or tourmaline panels. Heavy metal straighteners can be hard to get close to the roots of your hair and take some time to use.

About width.The compact straightener with a width of about 2.5cm is absolutely right.Not as wide as possible.

About the tail flexible. Let the power cord naturally droop and rotate the straightener 360 degrees. If the power cord can rotate smoothly, the tail is good.

In order to reduce the harm of straight hair implement to the hair, girls want to put heat energy on the hair beforehand emulsions, or spray prevent heat to spray.In addition, the temperature of the hair straightener should not be too high. By the way, straight hair is the most suitable temperature: 100 ℃ to 180 ℃.

About Soft hair, 100 degrees to 130 degrees to set the hair;The hair is dry and should be kept between 130 and 150 degrees.The hair is thick and naturally curly, and can be raised to 150-180 degrees.