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How Is The Hair Dryer Maintained

Jun 20, 2018

To avoid hair dryer damage, daily maintenance should be done.There are many ways to maintain electric hair dryer, different people should take different measures according to their own use.The following are the maintenance methods of electric hair dryer:

1. Put the electric hair dryer in the correct position and keep away from corrosion and inflammables.

2. Before daily use of electric hair dryer, it is better to check the power cord to see if there is any damage. If there is damage, it should be repaired and then used.

3. Use hairdryer to blow hair, need to master Angle, otherwise harm hair, make the hair becomes dry and yellow over time.

4. After using the electric hair dryer every time, the power plug should be pulled out to avoid children playing with it and scalding the skin.

5. If there is dirt in the inlet and outlet of the hair dryer, it shall be dredged with iron wire and cleaned with dry cloth.

6. Do not wash the electric hair dryer directly with water, because once the water in the electric hair dryer infiltrates, the internal parts rust, will be affected.

7. If the electric hair dryer is not used for a long time, clean it with dry cloth and put it in the box in a fixed position.

8. Remember to put it in a high position, otherwise children rummaging things, it is very easy to open out, carelessly damaged.