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Dry Goods: Nail Care And Maintenance, Whitening Anti-age Method

Nov 20, 2017

Nail is called "the second face of a woman," how to protect their nails, is that many nail art want to know the problem.

1, about trimming nails

Nail should be often pruned, so that nails can prevent the accumulation of dirt, while the time to trim nails are also very particular, preferably after bathing, because the nails at this time more soft, easy to trim, the best cut length to the palm of your hand up Nail nail is not the right length, nail cut after the need to use a razor to nails the edge of the friction, smooth, forced to moderate, the best shape is oval, because the sharp nails prone to break the situation, weakening the toughness of nails.

2, on the nails small skin

In this first to popularize knowledge, what is nails skin? Nail skin is covered in the nail end of the layer of thin transparent skin. Its role is to protect the bottom of the growth center of the nail matrix to prevent moisture, foreign bodies and bacteria into the growth center, affecting the growth of nails, nail nails if you get rid of or push off the nails, it is likely to get paronychia Lead to nail deformation. So when you find your nail subcutaneous atrophy or missing, you can soak in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and then gently towel dry, close to the body from one end to the distal massage, nails skin re-growth .

3, on the nail break

Nails are likely to break easily is probably due to lack of water, we can use olive oil before going to bed at the injury massage, to achieve a moisturizing effect. In addition, when the economic conditions allow, we can buy the nail polish with acid or phospholipid cream smear, every other day, so that you can better protect the nails. It is also emphasized that some of the ingredients in the nails will make the nails rough, resulting in rupture, it is still less used as well.

4, nails on the surface is not smooth

Nails are also mirrors that reflect our physical health. The nails are not smooth, mainly showing horizontal stripes. If you have this phenomenon, you should be careful. Most likely, this is caused by your unbalanced diet. Therefore, thousands Do not picky eaters, add a lot of vitamins. In addition, the pressure of life, poor sleep can also cause nails smooth surface, therefore, good habits are also the key to nail protection.

5, about dead skin and barbed nails

We have to regularly exfoliate the hand, take a small amount of exfoliating or scrub evenly smear both hands, especially prone to hard skin and barbed areas, we can also put his hands soaked in warm olive oil, keep About 15 minutes, so that the skin around the nails will soften, this time if there is a long barbed hurt, use nail clippers to cut it, remember not to be directly torn off the hand, so easy to damage the skin, leading to bleeding, inflammation .