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Desktop Mirror, Reflect Your Beauty

Nov 20, 2017

Cosmetic mirror is generally divided into two kinds of portable small mirror and desktop mirror, portable small mirror is mainly used when going out, and desktop mirror mainly on the home, not only consider its practicality, but also have some decorative, can be for you Dresser plus points Oh!

First of all, cosmetic mirror depends on the reflective effect, you can choose to take a look at the light of the place; Second, we can check whether the mirror is easy to deformation, fading, can mirror through the back of the mercury lining paper and back to judge, As well; Finally, of course, look at the appearance of the mirror friends, high-value cosmetic mirror can make your mood beautiful!

Lighted make-up mirror: Make-up mirror comes with lighting effects, is a touch of dimming design, makeup can be adjusted to the right light in the dark, it is intimate.

Finally remind everyone, when using the mirror to pay attention to daily cleaning, you can use a wet rag or newspaper wipe, always keep the mirror clear and bright, so that your beauty can always be reflected Well!