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Buy Baby Hair Clipper, Focus On The Following Aspects Of It!

Nov 20, 2017

1, see the waterproof function and mute effect

Mom and Dad in the selection of children's hair clippers, we must consider the waterproof function and mute effect. Because the general barber to the baby, if the barber sounds too noisy, easy to make the baby have a sense of fear, so the hair clipper must be mute. In addition, the cleaning work after the haircut is very important, waterproof function of the hair clipper hair can be done after finishing hair hair debris.

2, see the knife

Barber blade enough good enough sharp, the general stainless steel blade is not enough, it is best to ceramic. Stainless steel blade with a long time or rusty blade will affect the rotation, will easily hurt the baby's head, it is best to choose the ceramic blade. Although the ceramic tip fragile, but the cost-effective, long service life, sharp shear, but also to avoid the clip in the haircut baby's hair.

3, look at the appearance

Barber appearance is also a variety of multi-purpose, baby hair clippers have to choose colorful, more lovely shape, because it can attract the child's attention, let the children put it down. This will also allow her to fall in love with the haircut, so that parents no longer need to worry about children not haircut.

4, see brand

Barber purchase, or to choose a big brand, the general quality of the brand protection. Unknown cottage easily out of quality problems such as stuck hair, or use the AC leakage, etc., very dangerous. So look for the brand is also pay attention.