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Baby Hair At Home, 4 Points To Note

Nov 20, 2017

When it comes to haircutting, our first reaction is the barber shop. Of course, this is a normal reaction, or barbershop do not have to open. However, this matter about barber, adults and children there is a big difference between the Oh! Children are in the long body, in addition to height and weight grow fast, hair is also exceptionally long and fast Oh, if always go to the barbershop, in addition to not necessarily clean and healthy, but also a sum of money, as treasurers learned at home Haircut at home. Then hair care at home need to pay attention to what?

Baby hair at home, 4 points to note

First, buy baby hair tools

Now a lot of baby hair tools in the baby can choose counter, with a baby-specific hair tools to better protect the safety of the baby, so that poor products will not hurt the baby's health, if Mom and Dad feel difficult to buy at the time of purchase , You can also find professionals to get through.

Second, do a good job of cleaning

More than just the baby before shampooing need shampoo, Mom and Dad also do a good job of cleaning, to ensure the health of the hand, while the other barber tools to be cleaned before use, thoroughly disinfected with alcohol cotton better.

Third, some of the baby down

Barber is a process, but the baby is still small, if they have been asked to sit still with the parents in fact, some powerful people difficult, so in the process of haircut more along the baby a little, you can tell the child to wait for the mother cut these, take you to play Please be aware of the child's mood at any time. If the child is not happy, stop hairdressing and prevent the child from accidentally hurting the baby.

Fourth, make an exchange with the baby

Children sitting inevitably boring, then one parent during the entire haircut or pay more attention to communicate with the baby, you can also encourage the baby, the baby's attention transferred over, talk to them, so unknowingly hair task smoothly La.