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Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is a nail tool, which is used for trimming, shaping, and polishing real, false, crystal, or toenail nails. Nail buffers can give your nails “natural” shine that won't chip off. It has the advantages of easy to use, low price, which is suitable for beauty salon, nail shop, nail plate box and personal family and travel nail repair.
TELING LIGHT has become a well-known enterprise among numerous nail buffer manufacturers and suppliers in China after years of development. Our nail buffer products are all made in China. Our factory also provide customized service.
A nail buffer is divided to the steel file and colored file. Flower file is divided into file and polished file, file is divided into wood file, sponge file and glass file.
Buffing can increase the blood circulation to the nail bed. Buffing off the ridges also gives a smoother surface for the polish to adhere to. Actually buffing leaves such an attractive sheen to the nails, that you might skip the polishing step.
Using Tips
1. The nails that have been cut are polished with nail buffer according to the order of the two sides before the front end, so as to make them into the shape we need.
2. For the repair and grinding of real nails, it is not allowed to file back and forth in the same place, because the nail buffer will cause fever, damage to nails and even shedding. Proper file back and forth on the false nails is not a problem.
3. Rub the nail buffer gently on the skin. When the abrasion is felt to be rougher than the skin, the abrasion of the nail file is more than the natural nail can bear.