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Nail Care

Human fingernails grow at an average rate of 0.7 mm per week. It is recommended to do nail care once a week. Toenail growth rate is relatively slow, can cut 1~2 times a month. While clipping nails, you can also do some simple hand and finger massages to help promote blood circulation and supply sufficient nutrients to your nails. Also can choose a few nutrition oil that protect armour, make fingernail maintains brightness, tenacious.
TELING LIGHT has become a well-known enterprise among numerous nail care manufacturers and suppliers in China after years of development. Our nail care products are all made in China. Our factory also provide customized service.
Nail care step:
First remove any residual nail oil from the surface of the nail, then file the edges to get a manicure.
Then apply a dead skin softener to the back and sides of the nail and push the dead skin with nail buffer.
Third, use the dead skin scissors to cut off the dead skin that is pushed up.
Nail Care