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Why president black?

Nov 20, 2017

Blackheads is a closed acne, it is exposed to the air parts of the air oxidation, so people generally call it blackheads. The pores of the body is a channel, remove sweat, grease and other effects, if this channel is blocked, the pores will not go out inflammation of the formation of acne, the exposed part of the oxidation and then formed a blackhead. Such as the dust in the air outside the body, the body surface off the waste horny, too much fat, etc., will clog the pores, the general T zone, that is, the forehead and nose will be more acne and blackheads.

The reason for knowing blackheads is because they are clogged, so we do a good job of daily morning and evening episodes to help produce blackheads, do deep cleansing on a regular basis, and pay attention to the regulation of our body. We must know that the body is fundamental. If we stay up all night, clean There will still be blackheads in place.

Reasonable use of some blackhead products, but also a good choice!