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Precautions for using a shaver

Nov 20, 2017

Before shaving:

Wash face and avoid razor irritation to the skin or skin after infection. Applying shaving cream not only lubricates the beard, it also reduces direct damage to the face of the razor. Soft-textured badger hair brush that retains moisture like a sponge and fully hydrates the shaving cream.

When shaving:

Proper tightening of the skin, can reduce the resistance of razor operation, but also to prevent bump skin, facial beard growth in different directions, we must first understand the beard texture, along the left to right, from top to bottom, Then reverse the shaving sequence of the pores so that the shaving cream has more time to soften the hardest part. Shaving along the texture can reduce the pain and swelling of the skin.

After shaving:

After washing with warm water, apply aftershave. From a medical point of view, aftershave is not necessary, but after a certain component of water to shrink pores, people feel fresh and moisturizing effect, so may wish to choose a non-alcoholic aftershave.

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