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Inventory taboo man use razor

Nov 20, 2017

1, absolutely do not shave before taking a bath. The skin is unprepared, you are likely to have a burning sensation and cause the beard to grow inward.

2, with a razor blade, face muscles do not be too nervous. This is very easy to shave the fibrous surface of the skin.

3, do not scratch the same place from different directions beard. This way you have the potential to shave your beard too short.

4, do not use too old or even rusty blade. Blade is not sharp enough, it should be promptly replaced.

5, do not shave before doing sports. Because sweat can irritate the skin you have just shaved and become infected.

6, do not shave hair removal. Although shaving tablets will shave the beard cleaner, but easy to stimulate the formation of the skin must.

7, do not borrow razor with others, do not lend their own others. Contaminated blades can infect serious skin diseases.

8, when using a razor shaving, do not be dry beard on. If you do not keep your beard moist, those scratched scabs and bloody pustules at least three or four days to be good.

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