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Hair dryer are you used to blow hair? wrong! Take a look at hair dryer these practical purposes

Nov 20, 2017

Hair dryer can be used in addition to the hair, there are many medical purposes.

1. Early frostbite, blowing hair dryer directly affected area, the local heating. In spasmodic gastropathy, with a hair dryer at the stomach blowing a moment, can relieve pain.

2. A cold runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms, available hair dryer at the mouth, nose blowing hot air, for about 40 minutes, can runny nose to stop, and reduce the discomfort caused by a cold.

3. Bruises, blow with hair dryer in the affected area can play a swelling painkillers, blood circulation of the role.

4. Patients with frozen shoulder hair dryer can be used to blow shoulders, and at the same time with massage, 2 times a day, every 10 minutes. If you insist, the effect is obvious.

5. Sweat-prone people wear a hair dryer to blow a moment before the shoe, not only wearing dry and comfortable, as well as kill mold, to avoid the role of athlete's foot.

6. Cold caused headache, the towel on the basin, to the amount of water soaked, slightly twist to the water, fold flat after the pressure in the eyes, nose and other places, and then use the hair dryer to blow a few minutes to relieve headaches.

7. If you accidentally be cut bleeding, hair dryer blowing hot air to the wound can make the scab in a short time, and to prevent wound infection, accelerate wound healing. This method is only suitable for small wound bleeding.

Life patch:

Do not use hair dryer wet, do not blow hot air against flammable objects, do not use hair dryer in places that are too humid. Hair dryer hot air temperature is generally controlled between 60 to 100 degrees, the outlet from the hair about 15 cm. In addition, the inlet should always be kept open, can not be blocked.