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Foot tub use taboo

Nov 20, 2017

Foot care supplies Foot bath must first add water after power, no use of water is strictly prohibited, empty burning will burn out the heating pipe and pump, resulting in foot tub was burned. Pumps and airbags (Note: is a bubble) vibration, a little sound, is normal.

Foot tub filter should be promptly cleaned to prevent too much dirt blocked heating tube, temperature control failure, temperature regulation failure, resulting in no heating. Do not put the towel in the basin, put it in, then it will block the filter, resulting in water can not be recycled, burn the pump.

Foot tub is strictly prohibited to add Chinese medicine, if the dregs will be sucked into the pump after the card bearing, causing the motor buzzing noise, serious direct surfing, the pump completely stuck, to open the pump cleaning. If you want to use medicine, please first medicine (filter dregs) boiled syrup, and then poured into the basin, maintenance department repair 85% of the foot tub is caused by the use of traditional Chinese medicine or foot bath powder, please do not use directly into the Chinese medicine Foot tub.

Such as with a remote control foot tub, it is best to use the remote control as much as possible to avoid excessive pressure on the panel, resulting in poor contact.

Foot tub is prohibited to stand in use, to prevent the basin rupture, resulting in danger.

Do not leave the foot tub outdoors when it is cold.

Before meals, after meals should not be carried out for 30 minutes foot bath, foot bath, the blood vessels of the feet dilated, increased blood volume, resulting in decreased blood in the stomach and intestine, affecting gastrointestinal digestion. Pre-meal foot bath may inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, adverse digestion, foot bath immediately after meals can cause gastrointestinal reduced blood volume, affecting digestion.

Some sensitive skin, foot bath foot bath can cause blisters, or local redness, itching, allergic reactions may occur after treatment, these symptoms should be discontinued.

In addition, foot care products foot bath, women during menstruation, pregnancy and pacemakers do not use.