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Foot bath purchase doubt all eight functions

Nov 20, 2017

Foot health supplies: Foot massage and stimulation, can stimulate the body's potential function, adjust the body's imbalance of yin and yang, relieve nervousness: to achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care, self-efficacy and longevity.

Automatic heat insulation, foot massage using energy-saving water direct thermal, can effectively control and maintain the body feel comfortable water temperature, boot can be adjusted between 35 ~ 50 ℃, the foot bath to reach your set temperature. Automatically maintain a constant temperature, so you can enjoy your foot massager to bring you comfort.

Bubble Shock Massage: Foot bath massage bubble tank can release a large number of bubble impact all reflex zones and Yongquan, to promote blood circulation, play a role in massage and health care.

Vibrating Massage: Foot Massager is equipped with vibrating motor and hundreds of massage particles on the bottom. After starting the machine, it will vibrate at high frequency to stimulate foot acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue, improve health, improve anti-fatigue Disease ability.

Water flow impact massage: foot bath massage with a water jet on the front, the impact of foot acupuncture points, play a role in relieving muscle tension and flexible massage to improve microcirculation of the foot and promote good health.

Ozone: remove beriberi, foot odor, foot bath, foot bath massage can produce ozone bubbles, dissolved in water, with oxygen magnetic health care: Foot massage with permanent magnet at the bottom of the formation of low-field network covering the foot, Department of points, can produce a variety of effects of the combined effect of promoting health effects.

Automatic drainage function

After use, water can be automatically discharged.

Built-in kit: Foot massage design built-in kit, as long as the lid lifted up vertically, into the kits, you can enjoy the medicated bath.