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Can get rid of black folk methods without spending money

Nov 20, 2017

1, rice balls to black

On both sides of the nose is the most prone to blackheads, if your nose is not very serious blackheads, in fact, there is no need to buy nose paste, because the nasal paste on the skin have some damage, and will make the pores become thicker , It is recommended to use some simple and easy way to keep nose clean. Rub the leftover rice into a small rice ball, rub gently on the nose area, especially the more concentrated blackheads (Note: forcing to be uniform) If the long-term adherence will make the dirt in the pores are clean of.

2, eggshell membrane to blackheads

Take an egg and carefully peel off the film in the inner shell of the raw egg to keep the size as complete as possible; apply the removed film to the nose blackhead, heal it with the hand and remove it when it is dry Definitely the most natural black nose paste.

3, salt + milk to blackheads

Salt itself has a whitening effect, salt and milk can create a rough scrub effect. Dropping the milk just Kaifeng salt, salt half dissolved state, began to put it in the nose position gently massage, but the intensity of the massage should not be too large, the time should not last too long, half a minute after washing with water Go, do not apply other skin care products, so you can keep your nose clean and fresh.

4, pearl powder to black

Because of pearl powder is rich in a large number of nutrients, with blackheads, oil control, acne in addition to dead skin effect, but also by enhancing the activity of SOD play an anti-aging effect, make the skin fresh and smooth, white and pleasant. Put the pearl powder in a small dish, then add the appropriate amount of water, transferred into a paste, evenly applied to the nose area, with massage techniques on both sides of the nose gently rub until the feeling of skin pearl powder Dry, then wash with water can be.

I do not know if these wonderful coup did not learn ah, if some friends feel that trouble can use blackhead products.