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Buy mirror and glass tips

Nov 20, 2017

Glass is a decorative material, good transparency, strong translucency, good anti-acid, fire and flammability characteristics, but easy to crush under the impact. The types of glass can be divided into ordinary flat glass, special glass, glass deep-processed products, plexiglass four categories.

Ordinary flat glass is usually installed in the windows and doors, partitions and other parts; in some special locations or rooms such as the bathroom with embossed glass, colored glass or frosted glass, both lighting effects can not see through; North-facing room with heat-absorbing or insulating glass, Can play a thermal insulation effect; in some special parts such as partition, murals, doors and windows, roofs and other places, the use of stained glass, portrayed glass, glass tiles, etc., can enhance the indoor art effect.

Frosted glass, also known as frosted glass. This kind of glass is translucent and can not see through, making the indoor light soft and not dazzling. Commonly used in the need to conceal the bathroom and other parts of the window glass can also be used for glass roof.

Knurled glass, also known as knurled glass, is hardened glass before engraved with a pattern of roller, in the glass on one or both sides of the pressure of a variety of patterns of different shades. The use of embossed glass in interior doors and windows, such as decoration, has the characteristics of both light transmission and non-transmission, and is usually used in doors or windows that are partitioned or separated in the room.

The main function of the mirror glass is to have the image effect, at the same time inlaid mirror can be obtained after the extension of the depth of the decorative effect, which is used in addition to cosmetic mirror, wardrobe door, can also be used in the wall decoration, which can be obtained Visual effects that enlarge the space.