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5 Tips Careful nails polish nail polisher

Nov 20, 2017

It is reported that nails are mainly composed of keratin and water, and like the skin, the good state depends mainly on the way of nursing. Here are five recommended tips to maintain nails.

1. Apply moisturizing cream and cuticle special care oil

Apply nourishing cream to your hands and nails after each rinse. Moisturizing cream neither too oil can not be too sticky, but must be very moisturizing. Before falling asleep at night, use nail polish, a special care oil for the nails and their surroundings, to promote blood circulation, promote nails and nourish nails. In addition, the special cuticle oil is also the ideal anti-keratin products.

2. Trim nails

Please use a glass file or nails fine sand file nails. Note always in one direction to avoid back and forth.

3. Be careful with nail polisher

Using a nail polisher once a month does not make the nail fragile, but do not scratch the nail polish with your fingers or teeth, which not only damages the nail layer but also gives you scratches.

4. Use acetone-free nail polish

Acetone-free nail polish will not dehydrate your nails. Wash hands after using nail polish to remove residual chemicals.

Nail polish nail protection

French nail expert Agathe Pons believes that nail polish does not make people uncomfortable, but the way nail polish may cause some problems. She said that nail polish usually contains chemicals in the composition, and if applied directly to the nails, these harmful substances may penetrate the body. Therefore, it is best to apply a layer of base oil before nail polish to protect the product.