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Lint Remover

Lint remover has different name method in different place, such as shave wool implement, shearing velvet implement to wait, which is a kind of small home appliance that designs of surface of purify clothings technically. Besides removing the lint, it still can suck the sundry such as the dirt inside sweater.
TELING LIGHT has become a well-known enterprise among numerous lint remover manufacturers and suppliers in China after years of development. Our lint remover products are all made in China. Our factory also provide customized service.
Rechargeable lint remover: built-in rechargeable battery. Fully charged and ready to use.
Straight insert lint remover: it is the hairball clipper that inserts plug directly on domestic 220V power supply to use directly.
Filling and inserting dual purpose lint remover: built-in rechargeable battery, can also be used when the plug in the family has 220V power supply.
1. It is suitable for short hair wool sweater, sportswear, skirt, scarf, blanket, etc.
2. It can apply to the sweater of long hair, contain downy protective cap, cut wool ball only and won't harm sweater itself, which can maintain the fleeciness of the fabrics after shaving feels.
3.It is applicable to remove all kinds of clothing, woolen sweater, nylon uniform, sofa carpet, curtain and all kinds of man-made products, and absorb dust.