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Body Massager

Body Massage Hammer Electric

Body Massage Hammer Electric

Properties: Massager

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) 

Brand Name: Teling 

Model Number: TL-606C+1

Type: Body Massager 

Application: Body Color: Yellow 

Item name: massage tool

Massage Material: ABS Plastic 

Massage area: Neck Back Shoulder Waist Buttock

Certificate: CE ROHS Function: Body Healthcare 

Feature: Hand-Held Frequency: 50Hz 

Voltage: 110/220V Power: 25W




1. it has four head of parts to change

2 .it is a massager hummer with LED light.

3. it is Intelligent button

All kinds of acute and chronic diseases: hypotension, rheumatism, arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, nerve pain, irregular menstruation, impotence, sexual function decline;

Physical discomfort: whole body fatigue, neurasthenia, back pain, shoulder neck pain, leg pain etc.;

Vibration massage: massage can be depth on different parts of the body, promote local blood circulation, 5, Shu meridians, alleviate soreness, comfortable and convenient

Three massage ball: to help clean up the gut Supian, improve constipation, while the effective barrier grease, reach the detoxification effect

The original massage head: applicable for most of the time

Convex point massage head: for the specific acupoint massage massage, acupressure to form sense

The needle head massage: massage massage evenly distributed antenna, to form the feeling for acupuncture, massage head

9 LED infrared light, beautiful and generous, infrared physiotherapy, let you in the massage also can enjoy the infrared physiotherapy, come on for your health.

Senior motor equipment more safe and durable

Soothing active relaxation: clean the rubbish in the blood, promote blood circulation, eliminate pain, relieve fatigue

To improve the quality of sleep: effective in promoting sleep, enjoy a good sleep

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