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Skin Care Device

Electric Facial Massager Machine

Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Multi-Function Beauty equipment

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Teling

Model Number: TL-FD002

Function: Massage 

Keywords: electric facial massager


Electric Facial Massager Machine uses high-vibration high-tech technology. With skin care products, it makes the skin supple and white, can quickly introduce nutrients into the basal layer, increase cell energy, accelerate cell movement and metabolism, and make the skin rejuvenate, tender and elastic. With facial cleanser or cleansing oil, through the deep cleaning effect of the instrument, it can clean the pores, grease, etc., keep the pores smooth, clean, and completely solve the skin problems.

How to use the facial massager machine:

1. Cleaning face function (green light, push up +)

After cleansing and washing the skin, gently massage the instrument from the inside out to the face for 2-3 minutes, and wash it off with water.

2. Skin care product introduction function (red light, push down -)

Clean your face, apply skin care products (essence, stock solution, essential oils, etc.), and care for your skin from the bottom up and from the inside to the outside.

1. Clean the skin

2. Press the switch to turn it on

3. Evenly apply skin care products

4. Let the massager care the skin from the bottom up and from the inside to the outside.

5. Use is completed. Shut down.


1. It is normal to have a micro-electricity during use.

2. Please clean the importer contact head before and after use.

3. If it is not used for a long time, please take out the battery and keep it in a safe place.

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