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Make Up Mirror

Make up mirror is a kind of desk mirror that makes up uses, also called dresser mirror. The main difference between a make up mirror and a normal mirror is that a cmake up mirror has an enlarged face of different proportions. This makes it easier for the makeup artist to see the details of the part being illuminated. The normal mirror is an object with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light. The most common make up mirror is the planar mirror, which is often used by people to organize their appearance.
TELING LIGHT has become a well-known enterprise among numerous make up mirror manufacturers and suppliers in China after years of development. Our make up mirror products are all made in China. Our factory also provide customized service.
According to the definition, it can be divided into: portable cosmetic mirror, table mirror (dressing mirror) portable cosmetic mirror desk type mirror.
According to the style can be divided into: Chinese style, Korean style, Japanese style, European style, etc.
What lighting is best for makeup?
The best condition for applying makeup is a warm or natural light source. Natural sunlight provides the most accurate reflection of your face, but for those cloudy days when fresh rays aren't an option, warm white light, like LED, is the next best thing.