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Facial Sauna

Face Steamer Blackheads

Face Steamer Blackheads

110-240VAC 50/60Hz 80-100W 

PTC fast heater,boiling within 3-min 

LED power indicator 


Anion function 

3 settings 0/1/2 Control

Steam Control design

Telflon non-stick pan technology

Over-heating safety protection 

With facial mask, inhaler and cup


Face Steamer Blackheads

1. Nano permeates deeply into the skin to moisturize quickly. It takes an advanced miniaturized Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water and produce a visibly strong steam instantly. 

2. It is an effective way to soften the cuticle, Open & Unclogs Pores and improve the nutritional absorbency. It can soften the cuticle, restore smooth, delicate skin and improve skin's nutritional absorbency. 

3. High-tech ozone function with aromatherapy capability is provided to sterilize. A UV lamp which is inside the unit serves as an on indicator by lighting up the steam outlet hole to sterilize the steam so that it can reach your skin with its purest, most effective condition.

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