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Black Head Remover

With the continuous growth of age, a lot of people will have some skin problems on their faces, which especially affect the appearance and temperament of the whole person. In particular, the appearance of black eads will affect a person's appearance. Many people will try their best to improve their appearance and remove blackheads. Therefore, our black head remover came into being.
TELING LIGHT has become a well-known enterprise among numerous black head remover manufacturers and suppliers in China after years of development. Our black head remover products are all made in China. Our factory also provide customized service.
Working principle:
Use microcrystalline probe over 100,000 natural mineral microcrystalline diamond particles, effectively making the aging epidermal. With the black head remover Tool, a vacuum is created and the content of the pore is sucked out safely with no damage to the follicle.
Adjustable to make it suitable for different skin absorption.
USB charging, simple, safe and convenient use.
Help remove pores, blackheads, wrinkles on the face, keep skin clean, make skin smooth.
Contain a variety of vitamins and protein, can prevent the skin from strong water absorption ability.
Ergonomic design makes it more easy and comfortable.